Recent development in the hair extensions sector.

If you wish to experience maximum comfort, natural look and exclusive quality of the hair extensions, welcome to  GOODHAIR – the highest league and quality of the hair extensions! Has no equivalents in Latvia! 100 % natural exclusive quality Russian hair..

Since 30.01.2012 Ltd is the Goodhair official representative in Latvia.

Hair extensions have certification – confirmation that this hair is of Slavic origin. Visit us and make sure of the exquisite hair quality. We will be delighted to demonstrate it to you and you will feel the difference.

We particularly look forward to welcoming the hair extensions specialists and customers with the long-term experience of wearing hair extensions. You will be surprised with the hair quality, its natural look and fine structure. Hair has warranty.

Features specific to GOODHAIR hair extensions of Slavic origin:

  • maximum comfort and effectiveness during wearing;
  • fully-developed hair extensions technologies;
  • incredibly high and excLusive hair quality.


Just as the entire world around us, the world of beauty is constantly evolving and improving. Modern women like to follow the novelties in this sector and to choose the most up-to-date and the newest products. The hair extensions sector is not an exception. To be able to surpise the customers constantly and follow their wishes, a modern hair stylist must be absolutely aware of all the newest products and cultivate his professional development.

The world of the hair care “Goodhair“ offers you unlimited possibilities and guarantees the customers’ satisfaction.

We are not reinventing the wheel, we merely supplement it, improving such well-known hair extension technologies, as, for instance, hair strands extensions and hot capsule extensions. Our technologists focus on the hair strands micro attachments. Modern hair extensions, notwithstanding little discomfort of the existing technologies, are very popular. After careful analysis of all weaknesses, Goodhair created a new, totally invisible and extremely strong hair extension type. This technique takes the hair extensions to the new level of quality! You can use your favourite hair extension technique and no one in the world will have the slightest idea of you wearing hair extensions. While a natural look is extremely important for a modern woman and she tries to keep the secret.

If you want your hair to be soft, shiny and magnetically charming, try using Goodhair products.

“Goodhair” hair is exactly what you need. Goodhair manufactures both micro strands and micro capsules. Also there is a wide range of natural hairpieces. Take it from Goodhair – this is is the easiest and the safest way of improving your looks, making it even more feminine and charming.

Beautiful hair is the secret of the good mood and the best addition to your smile. 



A breakthrough technology which combines the benefits of all tapes and pre-bonded hair extension techniques.

Hair tapes is the fastest and the safest way of the hair extensions attachment types. Only one hour of your time you will get the most beautiful accessory a woman may have – luxurious hair.

Thanks to “Goodhair” micro tapes the extended hair looks so natural that you actually can’t tell whether they are your own or mere extensions.

We have reduced the size of the strands connection and simplified the attachment system. Now they are safe to use also with the thinnest hair.

The unique simplicity of this new hair extension technology will make your day.


Required volume of the hair extensions:

– for the volume – starting with 1 pack;

Complete hair extension:

– thin hair – starting with 2 packs;

– average hair – starting with 3 packs;

– thick hair – starting with 4 packs (also applies to short hair and blunt bob haircut owners).



Hair extension with keratin BONDS is very popular and it is really the safest and the most permanent hair extension attachment method.

A fresh approach to the capsule hair extension technology.

As the size of the bonds is particularly important, especially for the customers, “Goodhair” has developed micro capsules. The smaller the capsule, the more comfortable and confident the woman wearing them feels.

The advantages of micro capsules are obvious.

You will be happy to know that now we also offer the new 0.3 mm attachments. Just imagine how small, thin and completely flat these capsules are going to be.

Improved keratin, the colour of which have been selected according to the strand colour, makes the the attachments even more invisible and permanent.


Ponytail is an indispensable hair style, if you want to have hair extensions, while you are in a hurry, go in for sports, manage a business or simply wish to look properly and self-possessed.

Try “Goodhair” ponytails.

It looks so natural that it is hard to tell whether it is your own hair or mere extensions.

Ponytails can be easily attached, they are endurable and will definitely take the lead in your collection of female secrets.



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If you care for quality and comfort, then GOODHAIR hair extensions are intended for you! Visit us and make sure! 

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