Pre – bonded hair


Hair extension with the Italian technology takes place in the following way – KERATIN BONDS are used to make hair extensions. The client’s strand of hair is isolated and the hair extension bond is attached to it with the help of the connector (special hair extension tool). This is the hot hair extension technology, because each keratin bond is melted and attached to the client’s hair strand with the help of the 180-220 degrees heat. After 4-6 weeks of wearing the hair extensions are removed with the special liquid and pliers. This procedure can definitely not be performed at home.

Required quantity of bonds for complete hair extension:

  • For thin hair – starting from 50 pcs;
  • For average hair- from 90 pcs;
  • For thick hair – from 120 pcs

The average hair extension bonds’ weight is 0.8g – 1g, however, hair extension bonds can be separated, therefore the quantity of the hair extension bonds can reach 200 pcs and even more. Bond separation into halves is an additional service.


  1. Maintenance of the hair extensions with pre-bonded hair must be performed in 4-7 months depending on the quantity of the hair extension bonds of the client and the speed of the hair growth. The hair extensions are removed and attached back close to the hair roots (maintenance duration – 4-5 hours);
  2. Volume can be added to the sides;
  3. With the Italian hair extension technology high ponytails can be made.

    1. After 2 months the bonds start rolling at the hair roots, this is due to the fact that the client’s own hair that fall out stay in the bond and start to mix with the fallen out hair close to the bond, that is why after each washing you must carefully comb the grown hair roots and separate the bonds with your fingers.
    2. If the hair extensions have been attached to thin/damaged hair, then after the extensions removal the hair may be severely damaged.
  • During wearing the hair extensions the hair is divided into strands, it does not form a uniform hair mass.

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