Hair care


To keep the quality of the hair extensions and enjoy them for a long time, proper hair care is very important. You have to buy a special comb to care for the extensions. The hair has to be combed several times a day with this comb, carefully going through the root area. It is very important during the period when the extensions have grown out a little, because there is a risk of the hair getting bristle. If you have extensions longer than 50 cm, when combing the hair ends, you must hold the hand at the hair roots to avoid damaging them through combing.

  1. Always comb the hair with the specially designed comb only;
  2. If you had curled your hair, it is recommended to comb them before washing;
  3. When going for a swim in the sea or in the pool, tie the hair in a knot after thorough combing. The hair must be washed with shampoo and conditioner after the swim, because the chlorine and the salt water can cause irreversible damage to the structure of the hair extensions;
  4. Sleep with hair tied in a tail (with 3-4 elastic bands) or in a loose braid;
  5. You may safely attend solarium, but it is recommended to use a head-dress (the hair may get dry);
  6. If you go to sauna, you must put a towel around your head – the heat may damage the hair joints;
  7. The hair can be straightened with a pan that does not exceed the 180 degree temperature and not more than twice a week, avoiding the hair joints, which can melt. Apply heat protective products before straightening;
  8. The hair extensions should be toned and coloured darker with ammonium-free hair colours. The hair extensions must not be bleached under any circumstances;
  9. Avoid going to bed with wet hair.

Washing the hair:

  • Thoroughly comb the hair before washing;
  • Do not wash the hair with hot water; cool, moderately warm water is recommended;
  • The hair should be washed standing or sitting in the bath (to keep the hair vertical); if the hair is washed by bending over, the hair roots are damaged;
  • The hair should not be washed every day (in this case wash only the top part of the hair on one day and the whole heat on the other day);
  • Use only moisturizing shampoo, masks and conditioners for hair washing. To keep your hair quality, we recommend using the following products: JOICO Moisture Recovery shampoo and conditioner, Loreal Professionnel Vitamino Color series or CHI Royal Treatment.
  • When applying shampoo, conditioner or mask to the hair, avoid creasing the hair; the hair must be kept as vertical as possible. Apply the conditioner and mask to the whole length of the hair, especially on the hair ends, leave it in for the period specified by the manufacturer. Then rinse it thoroughly, flattening and plaiting the hair with your fingers. The conditioner and mask must not be applied to the hair extension joints, as it may encourage slipping out of the braids.
  • Avoid the hair extension joints coming into contact with chemicals, masks or conditioner;
  • If a braid has fallen out, it should be kept and brought to the hair-dresser to repeat the extension process. If you encounter any other problem, immediately address the hair-dresser who made your hair extensions;
  • Thoroughly comb the hair roots as well after each washing and the hair between the plait or capsule rows. If the hair routes will not be combed, the hair may get bristle there;
  • You can use foam, hair spray and gels;
  • Remember that using the curling iron, hair straightener and hot blow-dryer flows significantly reduce the lifespan of the hair extensions;
  • ATTENTION! If the hair is not smooth, silky and light after washing and blow-drying, if they are rumpling, you must change the hair care products! The hair care products are crucial for maintaining the quality of the hair! It especially applies to the blondes.

Combing and drying the hair after washing:

  1. After washing it is recommended to keep the towel on for a while to allow the excess moisture to be absorbed into the towel thus reducing the hair drying process.
  2. After removing the towel apply the serum – oil (it is recommended to use the CHI Royal treatment Pearl serum), applying it evenly to the whole hair, especially the hair ends, and a hair care spray to protect the hair against the heat. Blow-dry the hair joints after each washing.
  3. Do not blow-dry the whole hair together as you are used to do with your own hair. Otherwise the top of the hair will be dry but the extension joints will be wet for at least 4 hours, which may encourage slipping out of the hair braids.
  4. Blow-dry the pony first (if you have one). Then part the section of the hair from the ear to the ear. Blow-dry the hair roots and the hair joints first with medium air flow, then the rest of the hair. Only when the hair roots are dry and the parted section is blow-dried, you can comb this layer. Carefully comb through the area at the hair roots. If the hair extensions have become heavily tangled, start to comb with the hair ends and the gradually follow upwards, holding the hair roots with the other hand.
  5. Then part the next layer – approximately at the temple level and repeat blow-drying of the roots, then the long hair and only then carefully comb through the hair roots.
  • You should not comb the wet hair since they are very frail, because part of the intercellular links of the hair fibre dissolve in the water, and the links are restored as they dry out. When you slide the brush through the wet hair, especially if these are tangled, they are stretched a little. The solid protective scales are not able to cover the hair completely – it is as if putting the old clothes on the teenager who has grown out during the summer. Unprotected areas are exposed as well, which can become easily scratched with the comb teeth. The hair usually breaks or splits at the places where micro-cracks appear.