General information about the hair extensions


This is the 21st century and we no longer have to wait until the hair grows to the desired length! Nowadays it is possible to get long, beautiful, thick and silky hair in just 20 minutes! Hair extension is the service that MAKES THE DREAMS COME TRUE!

Hair extensions are intended for everyone willing to get beautiful, elegant and silky hair without long-lasting hair growing. Fashion comes and goes, but long, beautiful hair will always be a value, which allows you to look attractive and charming in any place and whatever the circumstances.

Anyone can have hair extensions, the preferred length of the natural hair must be at least 12 cm in the upper part of the head. This is because the hair attachment places must not create problems during wearing. Of course, even 5 cm long hair can be extended, however, then you yourself will have to make sure that the attachment places are not visible. Our specialists have the experience of attaching the hair extensions to such short natural hair and they will always inform the clients of all benefits and drawbacks and each case will be treated individually. We have a lot of clients who started to use the hair extensions with their 5 cm long hair and now in a couple of years their own hair grew long enough not to require the hair extensions services any longer.

Hair extensions are available in a number of different shades, which match the hair colour of every client. If necessary, the hair extensions can be dyed, but not bleached, because the hair extensions had been specifically chemically treated. The hair extensions can be dried, straightened, waved – treated in the same way as your own hair!

Both natural and artificial hair are used for hair extensions, however, for best esthetic results we recommend to use natural hair.

It is advisable to use the hair extensions of the SLAVIC hair structure, because the structure of this hair is most suitable for our hair structure, whereas genuine SLAVIC hair is considered to be the hair of exclusive quality in the market and its quantity in the market is limited and it is of the other price category. If there is an option, you must definitely choose the hair of Slavic origin. The hair of Asian structure are also much used as the hair extensions due to their affordable prices.

It is recommended to use 100% Remy hair, which means that the manufacturer gurantees that during the entire hair treatment process the direction of the hair growth is preserved, the hair cuticles direction is retained, the choice of this hair prolongs the hair extensions wearing period and the hair does not curl or clot.

Hair extensions are not suitable for people suffering from head skin problems: very oily skin of the head, dandruff, psoriasis or severe hair loss. Hair extensions are not recommended for women at least within one year after childbirth, because during this period reinforced hair loss may occur. In case of the hair problems, you must first undergo a treatment with the dermatologist or trichologist and then consider wearing the hair extensions.

Hair extensions can be worn for up to one year (dark and brown shades, for the blonde shades the wearing period is up to 8 months). It depends on the hair care (straightening, drying, frequent dying damage the hair structure) and the quality of the used hair extensions.

To ensure that the hair extensions preserve their quality and appearance, they must be well cared for (see hair care). Actually the hair extensions do not require more attention than your own long hair. The problems are more likely to occur when the clients who choose the hair extensions are merely not used to the long hair and caring for it, therefore they attribute their difficulties to the hair extensions, and not to the length of the hair.



  1. Gain the hair length.
  2. Add volume to your natural hair.
  3. To attach the strands of another colour without damaging your natural hair, dying or bleaching them – to freshen up your hair style or haircut, to create an accent (for instance, use the hair extensions strands of the white, red, etc, colour to enhance your black hair).
  4. If you have a short haircut, as little as in 20 minutes you can become the owner of long, healthy and silky hair withour the long and exhausting hair growing process.