TRUE  HAIR – true hair for true quality lovers…

  • For the treatment is selected only the finest, never colored and qualitative natural hair.
  • 100% natural hair without synthetic.
  • The hair cuticles and their direction are saved. Hair is vivid, shiny, healthy and tangle free.
  • The hair is not treated with silicone, so the hair will look healthy and stunning all the wearing time (if you will use professional moisturizing cosmetics and if they will not chemically or thermally damaged).
  • The hair may be used for more than a year.

The clients will be enjoy hair quality and how easy is to care for this hair!

Because it is TRUE  HAIR


“Cuticle” vs. “Remy” And How TK “Cuticle” Hair Is Processed


  1. We start with the best raw hair materials (which are a lot harder to find). Our factory selects the best and healthiest virgin ponytail, which has never been permed, colored or processed in anyway. There are only 10-15% hair available this high of quality that can process into virgin cuticle hair. Most factories don’t know how to select this quality hair. However, our factory has 30 years’ experience.
  2. Each pack of raw hair must be checked by the factory managers hands, to ensure the quality from the beginning.
  3. Nourish hair before Bleaching. The hair stays in the braid that was cut from the donor, and will stay in that bundle the entire process ensuring the cuticles stay in the same direction. The hair is then soaked in a nutrient solution for about 12 hours. This protects the hair protein and moisture so that it won’t be damaged during bleaching.
  4. Low temperature gentle processing.The hair will be divided into 3 different groups. The first being suitable to make Dark colors. The second group is suitable for Medium colors and the last group is the highest quality of the high quality that will only be good for Light color hairs. For blonde colors such as: #22,#24,#613,#60, it will then be bleached with cold water for 5-7 days to keep its cuticles intact and in same direction. This is so hair will not tangle. This process is done slowly to ensure the hair will not dry out.
  5. Re-Nourish hair after it is colored.After the hair is colored, it will then be soaked in ANOTHER nutrient solution for 2 hours , then the hair is washed at least 6 times to keep it clean.

What is “Remy Hair”?

Remy hair doesn’t use this process at all. It is soaked in an acid bath to remove the cuticle. A lot of time this is also where tangling comes from. This is where the term “bad batch” comes in. Remy hair is also processed in bulk instead of individual bundles from one donor, this means the hair cuticles are all going different directions, which is why they want remove the cuticle. However, “Remy” hair is still considered a high-quality hair in fact it is perfect for temporary hair extensions because they aren’t being worn and washed like permanent extensions. It is rare to find temporary extensions truly using “Full Cuticle” hair because it isn’t necessary and it would make them much more expensive.

As you can see, to get “Full Cuticle” hair is not a short process. It takes a lot of time and because of this it will be more expensive but worth every cent! Now you know just how TK Cuticle Hair keeps it quality for SO long.

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